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Who is Steven Gerrard? - The Liverpool Legend.

Who is Steven Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard is a legendary English midfielder. Throughout his time on Liverpool and the English National Football team, Gerrard captained some of the best sides in English Football history. His control of the midfield is highly regarded throughout all of European football. Throughout his 18 years as a footballer, Gerrard scored a combined 147 goals.

Steven George Gerrard was born in Whiston, Merseyside, England in the spring of 1980. Gerrard played football from an early age. As soon as he was able, he joined his local club the Whiston Juniors. It was here that he developed early skills that would later earn him trials for youth academies all over England. At the age of nine, Gerrard signed with Liverpool’s Youth Academy and the rest is history. He played for nine more years on the youth team where he established his endurance and his signature midfield dominance.

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A Liverpool Legend

Gerrard first appeared on the 1st team in the Fall of 1998 as a late substitution. In his first season in the Premier League, Gerrard made a total of 13 appearances in the midfield and as a right winger when necessary. In the following season, Gerrard started to make a more regular appearance in Liverpool’s midfield. He scored his first goal for the club during this season before suffering from injuries that kept him from play.

Gerrard’s injury was attributed to the amount of football he played in his youth. He required 4 separate surgeries but was back to play the following season. His return to the pitch was momentous. In the 2000-01 season Gerrard made fifty starts for Liverpool. He scored ten goals in those games from the midfield. In that season, Gerrard and Liverpool dominated both England and Europe by winning the FA Cup, the Football League Cup, and the UEFA Cup. Gerrard was named the PFA Young Player of the year that season.

The following season would see Gerrard contributing to his team winning the Community Shield and the UEFA Supercup. Later on that season Gerrard would secure the role of vice-captain for Liverpool. Not much happened for Gerrard and his club in the 2002-03 season. The next two years were devoid of trophies as well. The only bright spot was Gerrard's appointment to the captaincy of the club.

Another minor injury kept Gerrard from the first few weeks of the 2004-05 season. Upon his return, he scored a decisive goal for his team in the knockout stages of the Champions League. A goal that was widely regarded as the midfielder’s career best.

Later in the tournament, Gerrard was a force to be reckoned with. Despite an own goal in the Champions Cup Final, Gerrard led his side to their first Champions League victory in over two decades. Gerrard was named Man of the Match and later went on to be named the UEFA Club Footballer of the Year for his contributions during the tournament.

After an amazing performance in the summer of 2005, the 2005-06 season was a breakout year for Gerrard. He scored 23 goals in only 53 appearances and was named PFA Player of the Year. Later that season, Gerrard would dominate the FA Cup Final against West Ham United with two goals that kept Liverpool in the game and brought on extra time. Liverpool would go on to win on penalties and lift the FA Cup. His contribution to the FA Cup victory made him the only player in history to score in the final of the FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup, and Champions League.

The next few seasons continued to prove Gerrard’s goal scoring ability. The captain served as a staple for his Liverpool side and logged his 500th appearance for the club in 2009. He continued to score jaw dropping goals while being riddled with injuries. Gerrard received a number of surgeries during his time at the club and consistently came back stronger.

Gerrard continued to solidify his place as a legend in Liverpool up until his final game with the club in 2015. Throughout his years with the club, Gerrard racked up an impressive 120 goals and a total of 504 appearances. Gerrard set the record for the longest serving Captain in Liverpool’s history. As captain he led his side to a plethora of trophies. His midfield play set the tone for a dominant Liverpool team that made noise in both English and European football. Classic Liverpool football shirts from the 2000s are indicative of Gerrard’s leadership and absolute dominance.

A Galaxy Far Far Away

In the summer of 2015, Gerrard moved across the pond to play for the LA Galaxy in the MLS. Throughout his single season in Los Angeles Gerrard made 34 appearances and scored five goals. He was named to the MLS All-Star Team and brought his team to the playoffs. After being eliminated, Gerrard announced his retirement saying that the variation of climates and altitudes across America made traveling with the team for away games difficult.

For Country

Gerrard played his first game for the English National Football team in the spring of 2000. He made a brief appearance as a substitute in Euro 2000, but it was not until 2001 when Gerrard made a real impact. During the World Cup qualifier match against Germany, Gerrard contributed to a victory with a goal. He was later pulled from the tournament because of an injury sustained with Liverpool. In 2004, Gerrard helped England win the FA Summer Tournament. In Euro 2004, England made it to the quarter finals, but were eliminated by Portugal.

In 2006, Gerrard appeared in his first World Cup where he scored twice in the group stage. England would later be eliminated from the tournament by Portugal. Gerrard became the team captain right before the 2010 World Cup. In 2012, Gerrard led his team to the quarter finals of Euro 2012 and was named as the only English player on the UEFA Team of the tournament. In 2014, Gerrard led his team to their first World Cup Group Stage elimination in over 50 years. After being replaced by Frank Lampard, Gerrard retired from International play.

The Trophy Cabinet

Throughout his early career at Liverpool, Steven Gerrard helped his club add to a historic trophy cabinet. Between the years of 2000 and 2001, Gerrard helped Liverpool bring home an FA Cup, a Football League Cup, a UEFA Cup, and a UEFA Supercup. 2002 brought Gerrard and Liverpool a second Football League Cup. Gerrard contributed to one of the most iconic Liverpool Champions League Victories of all time in 2005 and helped his team secure a second FA Cup the same year.

In 2005, Gerrard came in third place for the Ballon d’Or. That year Gerrard was also named Man of the tournament for the Champions League. Throughout his career he racked up a bevy of personal awards from the PFA including Young Player of the Year, two Fan’s Player of the Year, and eight Premier League Team of the Year awards. In 2017, Gerrard was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame.

Famous Teammates

Throughout his career, Steven Gerrard shared the pitch with some of the decade’s best footballers.

Jamie Carragher

Both Gerrard and Carragher were Merseyside natives that spent their careers representing Liverpool and England on the pitch. Carragher served as Gerrard’s vice-captain for Liverpool and the two hold the top two spots for most appearances for their club.

Xavi Alonso

Gerrard and Alonso shared the midfield during their shared time at Liverpool. The two connected on a number of assists and goals.

Luis Suarez

The Uruguayan striker shared the pitch with Gerrard during the end of the midfielder’s career. With 69 goals in 110 appearances for the club, Suarez established himself as a scorer. Many of his goals were made possible by Gerrard’s assists.

Where Is He Now?

After retiring, Gerrard has moved on to managing. In 2017, Gerrard took the manager role for the youth team at Liverpool academy. After a season coaching their u-19 team, Gerrard took a position managing the Scottish Club Rangers. Gerrard has been managing the club through some of their most impressive seasons to date. He currently serves as the Ranger’s manager.

Gerrard’s loyalty to Liverpool is what makes him one of the highest-regarded footballers in English history. Gerrard was a natural leader and was able to lead both club and country to victory. His ability to score goals and dominate the midfield has defined the early 2000s era of English football. Classic football shirts from this era immediately bring back memories of close games won in penalty shootouts. Gerrard’s long and storied career is filled with injury and victory alike. Although his time on the English National Football team did not directly result in any major trophies for the club, his leadership and dedication to his country earned him the honour of becoming a Member of the Order of the British Empire. Classic Steven Gerrard Football Shirts are a great addition to any supporter of England Football.

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