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Who is Fabrizio Ravanelli??

Who Is Fabrizio Ravanelli??

Fabrizio Ravanelli is an Italian-born footballer who saw success through the '90s. Ravanelli made a name for himself as a successful striker during his time with Serie A Club Juventus. In addition to his club success, Ravanelli played a key role in the Italian National team. To this day he continues to contribute to the sport.

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Ravanelli's Early Days

Fabrizio Ravanelli was born in Perugia Italy in the Winter of 1968. Nicknamed, “The White Feather”, Ravanelli got his start in football much later at the age of 18. He joined his local club, Perugia Calcio in 1986. Ravanelli would spend a quality two years with the club before moving to Avellino, a small club in Campania. Soon after he was transferred to Casertana for a season. After 4 years of bouncing around different clubs, Ravanelli joined Reggiana where he would play for two seasons.

Through these shorter stints at smaller clubs, Ravanelli was able to make a name for himself as a striker who could find the back of the net. During this time, Ravanelli scored 77 goals and started to catch the attention of larger football clubs throughout Italy. In the summer of 1992, Ravanelli was purchased by Juventus in hopes that the addition of another successful striker would cushion their chances at returning to the top of the Serie A table.

Ravanelli's Club Success

In his first season with Juve, Ravanelli appeared only 33 times for the club. This would be the lowest number of games played with the club. Despite only 33 matches and mostly coming off of the bench, Ravanelli managed to score nine goals on the year. The following season would see Ravanelli on the pitch a bit more frequently. As a normal rotation in the Juventus offense, Ravanelli managed to appear in 38 games and score 12 goals.

The following season, in 1994, Ravanelli began to take on more of a leading role in the club's attack. As one of the most successful years in Juventus' recent history, the 1994-95 season was also great for The White Feather. By season's end, Ravanelli had made an impressive fifty-three appearances for his side. This was the most games Ravanelli would play in a single season throughout his career. Juventus would go on to win the Scudetto and the Copa Italia while qualifying for the UEFA Champions League.

Ravanelli and Juventus' hot streak would continue through the summer and into the next season where they won Supercoppa Italiana. Another breakout season for the Juve attack put Ravanelli front and centre to score. With 18 goals in 36 appearances, Ravanelli contributed to his club's success in both Serie A play and throughout the Champions League. Despite not being the top team in Italy, Juve and Ravenelli went on to win the Champions League against Ajax. Ravanelli scored in the twelfth minute giving Juventus their only goal during regular time. The club would go on to win in a penalty shootout.

Off the back of his success with Juventus, Ravanelli made the move to Middlesbrough where he would compete in the Premier League. Ravanelli began making an immediate impact on English football when he scored a hat-trick against Liverpool on the opening day of the season. Ravanelli would continue to dominate the offense at the club and was the sixth-highest scorer in the Premier League at the end of the season. In 48 appearances with the club, Ravanelli managed to score a total of 31 goals. Despite his impressive offensive contributions, Middlesbrough still faced relegation at the end of the season. Ravanelli would play only two games with the club in the First Division before transferring to France.

In his first season at Olympique de Marseille, Ravanelli helped the team climb the table and end the season in second place in Ligue 1. Marseille qualified for the Champions League but did not make it far in the competition. Ravanelli spent two and a half seasons with Marseille appearing in 81 competitions and scoring a total of 31 goals. Halfway through the 1999-2000 season, Ravanelli was transferred back to Italy to join an already dominant Lazio side.

Coming in halfway through the season, Ravanelli made a contribution to Lazio that set them up for success. Ravanelli and his club finished the 1999-2000 season by winning Serie A. The side would go on to win the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa the following year. In each of his two seasons with the club, Ravanelli made 21 appearances. While at Lazio, Ravanelli only scored ten goals.

After a league title and an underwhelming season at Lazio, Ravanelli made a move back to the premier league on a free transfer deal to Derby County in the summer of 2001. Ravanelli was unable to make a big enough impact at the club in his first year. Derby County was relegated to the First Division. Ravanelli stayed with the club for the majority of the 2002-03 season despite the relegation. Darby County was unable to pay his full wages and he ended up leaving the club at the end of the 02-03 season.

Ravanelli then transferred to Scottish Club Dundee. He played six games for the club before being sacked for financial reasons. He immediately moved back home to rejoin Perugia, the club that gave him his start. He made 18 appearances for Perugia in the back end of the 2003-04 season. Despite his best effort, the club was relegated to Serie B at the end of the season. Ravanelli played one more year with the club before retiring in 2005.

Fabrizio Ravanelli scored 247 goals for 10 different clubs throughout his career. Ravanelli made a name for himself during his time on an attack-focused Juventus side. His continued success in the Premier League solidified him as a high-quality offensive force.

International Play

Ravanelli made his first appearance for the Italy National Football team in the spring of 1995 during the qualifying round for Euro 1996. He scored his first international goal during the competition. Ravanelli would go on to play in two more games in the group stages in the tournament before Italy was knocked out.

Ravanelli would go on to make one appearance in a friendly against Wales. In 1996, Ravanelli played in two qualifying matches for the 1998 World Cup but was ultimately not chosen for the squad. In total, Ravanelli earned 22 caps for his country and a total of 8 goals.

The Trophy Cabinet

The majority of the silverware in Ravanelli's trophy cabinet was earned as a member of some of the top clubs in Europe. Despite being an impressive striker, the only individual award credited to Ravanelli came during the 1994 Copa Italia. However, Ravanelli has still earned some of the highest competitions in the world.

Ravanelli is the winner of two Scudetti. One with Juventus in 1995 and one with Lazio in 2000. The striker also won both the Coppa Italiana and the Supeercoppa Italiana with each club in the same years. In European competition, Ravanelli won both the Europa League and the Champions League with Juventus.

Famous Teammates

Throughout his extensive career as a member of 10 clubs, Ravanelli has played with some of the best footballers of all time.

Gianluca Vialli

Vialli and Ravanelli made up two members of the unstoppable Juventus offense that dominated the mid-90’s. The two were both Italian-born strikers who scored for both Juventus and the Italian National Football team.

Roberto Baggio

Along with Ravanelli and Vialli, Baggio was a legendary goal scorer for Juventus. The trio was responsible for the success of the club in the '90s. Baggio is considered one of the best goal scorers in Juve history. Much f that is due to the opportunity created by Ravanelli. Classic Juventus football shirts from the nineties are iconic of Baggio and the offensive attack of the club. Baggio and Ravanelli also shared the pitch during international play.

Pierluigi Casiraghi

Gigi Casiraghi was another legendary striker part of the unstoppable rotation at Juventus. Ravanelli and Gigi would often sub in for each other as a way to rejuvenate their side's scoring chances. The two also played together as part of the Italy National Football team throughout the 1990s.

Andreas Moller

The German midfielder played with Ravanelli at Juventus. The two often connected for goals throughout their time with the club. Moller played right before Juventus' hot streak but was part of their UEFA Cup victory in 1993.

Where Is He Now?

After retiring from his twenty-year career as a footballer, Ravanelli took a few years off before beginning his career as a coach. In 2011, Ravanelli began managing Juventus' youth team. He held the job for two years before moving to Ligue 1 team AC Ajaccio. Ravanelli managed the first team from June to November and was sacked due to poor team performance. In 2018, Ravanelli began a two-year contract with Ukranian side Arsenal Kyiv. After an unsuccessful run, Ravanelli resigned from the position. Ravanelli is sometimes featured as a pundit on certain Italian football broadcasts.

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