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How Do I Become A Professional Footballer?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

How Do I Become A Professional Footballer?

Football is the most loved and popular sport throughout the world. People of all ages and backgrounds admire and cherish the game. Many people dream of pursuing a career in professional football with the hope of one day representing their favourite team or national team

However, being a competitive sport, people find it very hard to fit into the world of professional football, as it demands sheer dedication, determination, sacrifice and year on year consistency to achieve the standards required to become a success. Out of those million people who dream to play football only a handful of them get to accomplish their goals, but their legacy lives on for a long time.

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There are many footballers who made their name in the game after starting at a later age but, starting at a young age surely helps an individual to grow personally and professionally. Youngsters have the opportunity to strengthen their physical abilities and to continue developing their knowledge of the game keep.. They also get a chance to experience the ups and downs of the sporting world which prepares them for their future endeavors.

Once they are promoted to the senior team they'll also learn a lot from being around the more experienced players, such as how to behave, how to conduct themselves on and off the pitch and what will be expected from them as they represent the club.

which they can showcase on the bigger stage.

There are many football academies that recruit talented youngsters in their teams and prepare them physically, emotionally and technically for the world of sports. Barcelona’s La Masia Academy and the Ajax Youth Academy are two of the most prominent football academies in the world, producing many legendary players over the years. La Masia and Ajax have produced the likes of Johan Cruyff, Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Seedorf, Xavi and many more legendary players, La Masia players attract a huge fan following for their club, Youngsters from all over the world look up to the excellence of La Masia’s best players and graduates.

Football is not an individual sport, it requires attention and dedication from all its team members. The team members are expected to coordinate with each other on and off the field, which improves the team’s performance, as a whole. To understand how a team functions, a footballer has to get the hands on experience of being part of a team. A good team nourishes you as a player and develops your knowledge of the game. Players mature in a team through high level coaching and professional atmosphere. Furthermore, sacrifice is one of the most significant aspect of a footballer’s life. To achieve an extraordinary goal, an individual has to sacrifice his urges, come out of his comfort zone, and stay dedicated to what he believes is the mission of his life. Generally, people only see the final product of what a professional has to offer, but nobody sees the dedication, sacrifice, and years of hard work behind it. Additionally, professional football demands high physical strength and accuracy. A healthy diet combined with daily exercise and is essential for any athlete hoping to reach the highest level

A professional footballer has to stay away from sugary diets and junk food during almost all of his professional career. He is expected to drink plenty of fluids, eat fruits and vegetables, and sustain a high protein diet at all times. This diet plan is not a choice but a compulsion for an individual who wants to enjoy a successful football career. Furthermore, a footballer should have a CV of his professional achievements, and attributes which creates a personal profile of the player, and helps him to analyse his strengths and weaknesses. It can also play a decisive role to set professional goals and milestones. Despite the personal and professional capabilities, a footballer has to acquire the services of an influential agent. Agents assist in finding possible opportunities for all football players. Their links at different football clubs throughout the world help them arrange trials and transfers for football players at all stages of their careers.

They can learn a few things from several footballing greats who have had a long lasting impact on the sport. When our elders talked about Pele and Maradona, our generation got to witness the brilliance of Messi and Ronaldo, as their legacy has been unmatched. The determination, passion, and hard work of these players ensured them this spot in the world of football. Lionel Messi is a 6 time Ballon D’or winner and if not the greatest, one of the greatest ever to grace the pitch.

He left his home back in Argentina, moved to Barcelona, and trained hard to achieve this success. Now, he has many individual and team trophies with a direct contribution in a thousand career goals. Similarly, Cristiano Ronaldo battled through financial struggles in his childhood, but never let go of his dream to achieve brilliance on and off the pitch and has played for some of the biggest clubs in the world, Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and also the Portugal National Team winning many trophies along the way.

Another sporting giant, Brazilian Ronaldo, fought through a career ending knee injury and won the world cup with his country. Zlatan Ibrahimović played bare footed in the streets but his sacrifices and hard work led him to where he is now. Sadio Mane lived in a rural village in Senegal, played in torn boots but he is now on his way to become a legend for Liverpool. Luis Suarez and Neymar suffered from poverty in their childhood, but they are among the highest paid athletes in world football now. Alexis Sanchez cleaned cars while Luka Modric grew up in a war affected zone, yet they never compromised on their dreams and achieved excellence. The upcoming generations have to learn from these inspirational stories which shows that success does not come on a plate but requires consistent hard work and sacrifice.

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